Yom Tov Security and Safety Tips

The CSO remains committed to ensuring that you and your loved ones can go into Yom Tov with the peace of mind that we will be doing everything possible to keep you safe and secure. 

Although we recognise that everything is in the hands of Hashem, we cannot forget that Hashem, the ultimate Protector, also demands that we play our part in protecting ourselves, our families and our fellow Jews. 

To this end, the CSO, and our communal leaders urge you to take careful note of the following security and safety tips. 


When at Shul

  • Never allow a person/people who you do not know or trust to enter your Shul. 
  • Report suspicious people trying to gain access to your Shul or who have gained access to your Shul to the head of security or the CSO. 
  • Report any suspicious vehicles, bags, boxes or parcels to the head of security or the CSO. 
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and be vigilant for suspicious activity. 
  • Report possible information-gathering in whatever form e.g. someone taking  pictures, asking questions, taking notes or repeatedly driving past the Shul. 
  • Never disclose sensitive information to people who may be asking you questions about your Shul. 
  • Ensure doors/gates are kept closed and locked at all times and that proper access control is done. 
  • Ensure that you know how to close and lock the door/gate in an emergency. 
  • Avoid congregating in the streets outside your Shul unnecessarily. 
  • Volunteer to join your Shul security team. 


When walking in the street

  • Be aware of any vehicle/s or people who appear to be following you or acting suspiciously in any way. 
  • Try to walk together in a group, particularly at night, as there is safety in numbers. 
  • Never allow children to walk anywhere alone, irrespective of where they are going. 
  • Ensure that your children walk on the inside i.e. closest to/on the pavement and that they are always within arm’s reach. 
  • Wear an item of reflective clothing or a reflective belt at night to ensure that you can be seen by passing motorists. 
  • Where possible, use well illuminated and main arterial routes. Avoid using secluded paths and shortcuts. 
  • Wherever possible, walk on the pavement. If this is not possible, walk on the right-hand side of the road facing oncoming traffic. 
  • Conceal any jewellery or items of perceived value. 
  • Report any suspicious activity to the CSO or flag down a passing security or police vehicle. 


When at home

  • Inform your family and employees of any expected deliveries or guests and remind them NEVER to open the gate or door to anyone who is not expected. 
  • If you are hosting guests, make prior arrangements as to their arrival times and avoid having your guests wait outside your home. 
  • Provide additional keys to all family members, so as to avoid them having  to wait outside and placing them at risk. 
  • Lock your doors and gates as soon your guests arrive and always ensure that your front gates and doors remain locked. 
  • Consider securing the services of a reputable and CSO approved security company to protect your home and guests. 
  • Never enter your house if you notice any suspicious people or vehicles lurking nearby, as they may pose a threat. 
  • Ensure that you know how to close and lock the gate at your house quickly in an emergency. 


As always, the CSO will again be working closely with local security companies and the South African Police Services in increasing the security presence at and around Jewish Communal installations, and we wish to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for their ongoing support and assistance. 




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